The-Dream Addresses Rumored Lil Wayne, Christina Milian Relationship

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Wayne began dating singer Nivea in Only months into their She discussed their relationship in a interview with NecoleBitchie.

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Nivea continued to take jabs at Christina Milian for dating her ex, Lil Wayne, since Posted on August 18, – By Victoria Uwumarogie.

Of course, Milian was married to The-Dream, and they have their daughter, Violet, together. Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. She had this to say to people so quick to defend Milian:. Another individual told Nivea that Milian never did anything to her and that age the age of 35 they were just throwing a number out there she should do better. Because of her comments, that person said that they were no longer a fan.

As I said before, it takes two to tango.

Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Will Be Released This Week

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Lil Wayne has lived in the spotlight for more than two decades. Throughout his time in the public eye , Lil Wayne has been linked to many women, but none of the relationships have stuck. However, it now seems that he has found that special one and is ready to settle down. But just who is she? Thomas is an Australian model who is signed to Wilhelmina.

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Christina Milian ‘dating Lil Wayne’

She has a daughter and I have three by Dream as well. It felt crazy as hell! Log In. Keep it Clean.

“When he started dating Nivea, I didn’t know anything about it. Then I In , he dated multi-hyphenate Christina Milian for less than a year.

Drake said it best in a conversation with Interview magazine, “Everybody’s a Lil Wayne fan. The “6 Foot 7 Foot” rapper has only been married once, as of the writing of this article, but he’s got a few engagements under his belt. Let’s take a look into Lil Wayne’s little or big black book. According to a interview with Essence , they met in a corner store in New Orleans, La.

She considered them to be each other’s first loves. The two married in and divorced two years later after having a turbulent marriage, which included an affair with singer Nivea. Then I found out and he admitted it to me that he was dating her and that’s when the marriage came apart. We were planning a wedding, and he was with Nivea. Him and Nivea split up and six months later me and him were married. It was crazy. Though their relationship had its ups and downs, Johnson considered the rapper family.

Nivea (singer)

The-Dream , Milan’s ex-husband, definitely thinks the situation is strange. He also implied that Milian messed up the rotation by dating her ex-husband’s ex-wife’s child’s father. Everybody was thinking of that but supposedly Christina,” he said. I have no idea how she could not be thinking of that. Nivea posted a clip of Dream’s comments on her Instagram account with the caption, “Hmmm..

Last month R&B singer Nivea unleashed on Christina Milian for marrying Nivea’s ex-husband, music producer Tha Dream and dating her son’s.

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Nivea Blasts Christina Milian Over Lil Wayne Relationship

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Last month, The Dream openly called their situation “strange,” especially since Milian and Wayne’s alleged coupling would create a love rectangle. Now, Nivea , who is The-Dream’s first ex-wife and mother of Wayne’s child, is giving her opinion on the matter. In an interview with Malcolm Music , Nivea reveals that she was shocked by Milian dating another one of her exes. I just thought it was very, very crazy.

The timeline of Nivea and Milian’s relationships with the the entertainers are seemingly interwoven — Nivea was engaged to Lil Wayne in , but called it off in and then married The Dream in The pair divorced in , which lead to Christina marrying and having a daughter with The Dream in Meanwhile, Nivea reconciled with Wayne in and they had their son, but have since split.

Although Milian hasn’t confirmed the relationship, she recently shaved the initials ” TNT ” into the back of her head, which reportedly stand for “Tunechi and Tina,” or “Tina Turnup,” the nickname Weezy gave her.

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